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When you've read this book, you'll know MORE about SEO than I did when I topped Google!

I knew next to nothing about search engine optimization (SEO) when I reached no.1 in the world for "copywriter". Really! It sounds unbelievable, I know, but it's true. And you're about to find out how I managed it…

My business was struggling

You see, back in 2003, I was struggling to keep my business afloat. I had a website, but nobody saw it. I had ads in the Yellow Pages, but I got only one call. And I had Google ads for a while, but I simply couldn't afford to keep them. So the only work I had was sourced through cold-calls - more than 1000 of them in a year!

As you can imagine, there wasn't much time for anything else. I could only just squeeze in the small amount of work I managed to win, never mind researching how to do things better. Then things got worse…

I ran out of money

My wife was pregnant and we really needed to be accumulating some savings. Instead, I’d spent every last cent on the business. And it had paid us almost nothing in return. So I had to bite the bullet and go out and get a job. Fortunately, I was able to get a 3-month contract as a Marketing Coordinator with an IT company in Sydney.

When I was interviewed for the role, I was told I'd be looking after their copy, and that I needed to know how to optimise it for search engines. That was fine; optimizing copy is fairly straight-forward. Even back then, I knew how to do that. But SEO copy is only part of a high ranking – the first step. It’s certainly not enough – on its own – to get you a high ranking. I told my boss that, and he said that was ok; someone else would be looking after the rest of the SEO. Then, the very next day, he changed his mind. He wanted me to manage all of the company’s SEO, after all. (And we’re talking a multi-million dollar company, here, not some backyard setup!)

I thought I was in real trouble

I knew absolutely nothing about SEO except how to increase the keyword density in the copy. I thought it was going to be a very short-lived contract.

But it was a lot easier than I thought

Luckily enough, I managed to stumble across a few SEO specialists on the Internet who were very helpful, and who spent a bit of time educating me. And as it turns out, the fundamental rules of SEO are quite simple. I managed to learn most of them within a week or two. And by the end of my contract, my employer was ranking no.4 in Australia for its keyword phrase, “disaster recovery”.

I worked on my own site at night

While all this was going on, I was applying what I learned during the day, to my own site, at night. And I do mean at night. I was out of the house from 5am to 7pm, most days, and my wife was edging closer to delivery-day, so she needed quite a bit of help around the house. By the time I was able to make my way to the computer to focus on Divine Write, it was usually around 9-10pm. (And on a dial-up Internet connection, no less!)

Don’t get me wrong; this isn’t a hard-luck story. The point is that I had hardly any time or resources to dedicate to my own SEO. And let’s not forget, at this stage, I only knew MOST of the fundamentals of SEO – not all of them.

I ranked no.1 in Australia within 6 months

Despite knowing only the fundamentals, and having only an hour each day to put that knowledge into action, I ranked no.1 in Australia for “seo copywriter”, “website copywriter” and “advertising copywriter” within 3 months. And I ranked no.1 in Australia for the big one – “copywriter” – within 6 months. Within a year, I was no.1 in the world for “seo copywriter”

Then there was no looking back

Once I started popping up in the search results, business grew rapidly. (And not a moment too soon; our son was born soon after!) I stopped having to chase work, and it started chasing me. And once I achieved a no.1 ranking for my primary keyword, it started chasing me in earnest.

My only problem was handling all the work!

Very soon, I was inundated with work – more, in fact, than I could handle by myself. And I had to start outsourcing some. (A nightmare operation, as it turns out, but that’s a story for another day…)

And I did it all with very little knowledge, time or resources

Looking back – knowing what I know now – I’m amazed at how quickly it all happened. Considering how little I knew, and how little time I had to implement that knowledge, I think it’s fair to say that it was an ‘overnight success’.

You can do the same!

I’m not particularly gifted. I’m not super-duper intelligent. There’s nothing special about me that made this success possible. It was simply that I had a little bit of knowledge and the motivation to put that knowledge into practice.

And virtually everything I now know about SEO is in this e-book. By the time you've finished reading it, you'll know far more than I did when I reached no.1. So you can do what I did. And hopefully, within 6 months, you’ll find that more and more prospects are chasing you for work.

Hopefully, like me, you’ll have more work than you can handle!

Why should you believe me?

Because I've reached the top of the search engines using the very methods I advocate. I rank no.1 in the world for most of my important keywords (on

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SEO Secrets e-book




‘SEO Secrets’ is a comprehensive DIY search engine optimization (SEO) guide for small business owners, bloggers and SMB marketers. It details a practical 10-step process that will get you to the top of Google. It's more than tips & tricks, and more than advice. It's a comprehensive process you can start implementing NOW.



'SEO Secrets' V2.1 includes:

  • 212 pages
  • Understand what SEO means (5 pages)
  • Choose your keywords (7 pages)
  • Develop your website right (36 pages)
  • WordPress V2.7 blog optimization (30 pages)
  • Optimize your web content (9 pages)
  • Link baiting (26 pages)
  • Other link building methods (13 pages)
  • Monitor your progress (4 pages)
  • The future of SEO (9 pages)
  • 207 references in the bibliography!

What readers say...

Lucas Ng

Search & Analytics Director

Fairfax Digital

“I read your seo ebook. Excellent stuff. Crystal clear writing. Love your background as a technical writer - can really tell."
David Temple

Regional Head of Search


“Your SEO ebook is excellent! I do SEO day in and day out for Neo@Ogilvy, a division of OgilvyOne Worldwide, yet still I managed to learn from your book. No mean feat! My son is learning internet marketing and this is the first thing I’ll have him read."
Darren Rowse


“The teaching in this ebook is good - very good - particularly for those at a beginner to intermediate level who are looking for a comprehensive and all in the one place introduction to SEO. Glenn has a gift at explaining concepts that can at times be quite complex - if you're like me and not wired with the brain of a technical genius you'll appreciate the way he talks you through the many areas of SEO covered in this book."
Daniel Benton

Senior SEO Consultant

The Found Agency, Search Engine Optimisation

“ excellent resource for people looking for a comprehensive introduction to the world of search engine optimisation. SEO Secrets is thoroughly researched, and written and formatted brilliantly. Glenn’s understanding of a broad range of SEO tactics and techniques and his skill as a writer really shine through. I particularly liked the Wordpress tips and the fact that you link out to other articles & posts. They're all great sources and it’s a nice way of allowing people to dive into deeper info."
“I genuinely mean this, this is the BEST SEO BOOK EVER PERIOD!!"
Tony da Costa

Head of SEO

“I read Glenn's SEO ebook and was impressed with how thorough & well researched it was."
“I have to tell you that your book has dramatically changed my business already. I have written 2 posts on today which have gotten me more hits in the last 3 hours than for the rest of the week by using a few of your tips in that book. I am averaging since September about 26 unique visitors a day. In the last 4 hours since I did those 2 posts with your advice I have had almost 300 unique visitors. I just wanted to say thanks again for the book. I really appreciate it. " 

UPDATE: “It's now been 6 months, and I've gone from ranking nowhere in Google to #7 for my target keywords, "family travel". All thanks to your ebook. Thanks a lot!"
Bronwen O'Brien


The Virtual Assistant

“Your book on SEO is wonderful and very user friendly. From someone who knows very little on the subject!"
Paul Warren



“Very impressive & thorough... Best SEO eBook I've read yet."
Fred Schebesta


Freestyle Media

“I read the entire thing and loved it. This ebook is amazing, from domain conicalization to wordpress optimisation to linkbait and onpage optimisation!!!! Like WOW, even I learnt some things about social media and linkbait here. Its well worth the price. I would strongly recommend it to anyone starting out in SEO. Your wordpress optimisation suggestions are amazing and comprehensive. Your 20 tips for social media are genius."
“SEO Secrets effortlessly covers the topics of search engine optimisation in an easy to grasp way, covering a wide range of technicalities, including a variety of SEO tips, tricks and 'secrets'! It is heavily influenced by the premise that content is king, not a bad thing at all... and what better source to learn that from, than a top Australian copywriter. This book therefore bridges the uneccessary gap of copywriting skills and SEO - something we could all take not of.

SEO Secrets is not a deep look into search engine algorithmic models or the scientific aspects of SEO, but it does provide a wealth of practical and implementable information on optimising websites for improved rankings."
“Glenn, Your new SEO book is brilliant! It’s comprehensive and provides thorough and up to date information on SEO and Social Networking. If one of the big name Internet Marketers were to market this book under their own name, they would be charging hundreds, if not thousands, for the information it provides. I absolutely recommend your book as the best SEO resource on the internet! And I thank you for having written it so that I can recommend it to my clients and know they will be able to understand and implement the step by step instructions you’ve provided."
Adam Franklin

Marketing Manager

Bluewire Media web design, Brisbane

“I’ve followed Glenn’s tips in SEO Secrets and so far we’ve risen from ranking 11th to 3rd for web design Brisbane – obviously a very competitive keyword phrase. PS. I am non-technical as well."
“I recently came across your book SEO Secrets and I am amazed at the amount of information you've captured in your ebook. Initially I thought it would be very basic but it goes beyond the basics of SEO and into the details of getting results with SEO efforts. The marketplace now has a very solid SEO resource at an affordable price."
Lee Hopkins


Better Communications Results

“Beautifully designed (unlike some books I'd spent many $hundreds on and which resembled a photocopy from a typewriter manuscript), it reads like a charm and makes even complete duffers like me believe that they can significantly improve their search engine rankings.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that Glenn's book SEO Secrets is just like one of those detestable 'fluff and filler' ebooks - no way, mate! Glenn knows his stuff.

I absolutely guarantee that you could NOT make a better investment in 2009, no matter who you are!"
Kevin Garber


Melon Media

“A really terrific book on SEO!"
Patricia Skinner


Well Written Words, SEO Copywriting

“The book is a comprehensive guide to all aspects of SEO. It is perfect for complete Internet newbies, but it is also a useful guide for those with a bit more experience. Online business owners in particular should definitely consider adding it to their business resource collection."
“Glenn's SEO ebook is a great reference. It covers the basics of SEO, and provides lots of very practical tips to implement a search engine-friendly website. And it's written in such a friendly way, it's easy to actually read it!"
"Rob McGuire


“Reading through your SEO book... very well written. I think you hit a homerun with this one."
Cathie McGinn


A cat in a tree

“I really enjoyed your SEO ebook, comprehensive and v readable. Thanks! And yes, i am a total nerd :)"
Brad Younger
“Great work. It's hard to find a good ebook resource on SEO."
Scott Hardigree

Founder & CEO


“A great resource for beginners and pros alike."
Debbie Hastings


Flying Change Webs & Graphics

“What a great tool! Your ebook, SEO secrets, is full of fantastic information! I am just starting my web design and visual graphics business in Falmouth, Maine and have been doing research on SEO to improve my skills for my clients. Your ebook was clear, extremely informative, and provided specific examples and instructions. Thank you for providing this service. WELL DONE!"
Graham Earnshaw


Xinhua Finance News

“SEO Secrets is a book which really helped me understand the intricacies of how to make efficient use the Web. Clear and practical. Good job!"
David Mears


"I have just finished reading your ebook and wanted to say 'Thank You' for making it available. your book has confirmed a lot of what I already believed but also taught me a great deal.”
Sarah Healy


Divine Pearls

"I have been reading your SEO eBook and I have to say how amazingly helpful it has been! I haven't even discussed any of this with our web designer so far, who is doing our SEO and online marketing! I will definitely be bringing it up with him and it will now be so helpful having this knowledge to work with him rather than just handing over money that we're not really sure where it's going.”
Lachlan Groom



“Awesome book. 'nough said!"
“Very well done. This SEO ebook is a really a good 213 pages compendium. It's something for the average webmaster."
Philip Edmondson


“I've now read through your SEO ebook and wanted to thank you. It was a great read packed with very useful tips and links, and I will be re-reading it, no doubt frequently, in the future. It was wonderfully written and crafted, of course! ...Thanks again for your generosity and sharing your knowledge. ...I hope that in the future, will be able repay you."
John Mainwaring

Managing Director


“Couldn't put it down - read it from cover to cover. And I really don't like reading, so that's not the norm for me. I've learnt so much more about SEO from this book in the last hour than I have in the last 2 years!"
Christo Fouche


Ukwaka Netbiz, South Africa.

"I have just finished reading your SEO Secrets eBook for a second time. Thank you for such a magnificent piece of work. You have done a great job. Of all the information I could gather on the Internet so far regarding SEO, yours is the best. No Doubt. You have given me a great insight into search engines and how they operate. Thank you once again.”
Mark Osborne


Supply Chain Rewards Pty Ltd.

"SEO Secrets is essential reading for companies who wish to raise their search engine rankings. This easy to read and practical book provided us with the tools to start improving our rank. It displays Glenn's deep understanding of the issues, it's well laid out, and it contains simple and insightful solutions written in lay person’s language.”

Buy it now...

Buy now and download instantly. (All prices in USD$.)

SEO Secrets e-book




‘SEO Secrets’ is a comprehensive DIY search engine optimization (SEO) guide for small business owners, bloggers and SMB marketers. It details a practical 10-step process that will get you to the top of Google. It's more than tips & tricks, and more than advice. It's a comprehensive process you can start implementing NOW.